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Wooden Mugs: From Coffee to Beer; And Wine to Whiskey!

Wooden mugs, sounds like a dream? Imagine a beautiful rosewood grain glistening slightly in the sun with its natural oils shining and the knots in shades of brown intertwining between each other. As a concept, it was so hard to believe that wooden mugs are even a possibility to drink a beverage in. Take a tour around Europe or Scandinavia and you’ll find everyone drinking beer and cocktails in their wooden beer mug or even whisky in their wooden cups! 

Traditionally, wooden canisters and wooden kegs have been a part of the drinking culture. Wine and beer are both aged in wooden barrels! Closer home in India, our Ayurveda follows a diabetes treatment that needs patients to have a glass of water from a Jamun Wood tumbler that’s been kept overnight, talk about healing! Of course, where there’s a pill, there’s also a will with patients flocking over to try this out without a speck of doubt. 

But when we at Nurture India tell you that you can truly enjoy a chilled pint of beer with your friends in our wooden mugs, you’ll ask us the same questions – yes, click this! To answer you again, yes wood is washable

Now that this is out and about, let’s get to the topic of wooden mugs and how it totally falls in every millennials dream of having an exquisite, one of a kind barware collection. We’re sure you don’t have a collection of wooden mugs or wooden glasses in your collection. No one really makes them in India, so we changed that! We also went on to make these with sustainable woods that do not harm the environment or the ecosystem. 

Our Wooden mugs make great souvenirs, gifts and guess what, they’ll be super special – not just because of the rarity of the product but also the lovely knots and grains of the wood itself. Diwali gifts, eco friendly products that also make for great corporate gifts, they’re unique, one of a kind gifts employees and founders will always cherish.

There are different types of wooden mugs we make, because not everything is for everyone. We understand your apprehensions, so you can start with something that is lined with a high grade stainless steel- this stuff will last you for generations much like our plain ones. 

The next big question on how to care and keep your beautiful collection of woodware safe? Well, we’ve answered that too but food safety is a very high priority for us, so we ensure all our wood is seasoned and chemically treated. That’s step one of the battle won. The step we do is use polishes, coats that are food safe and nothing else. We like maintaining our quality to the best it gets!

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