Ways To Decorate Your Space This Diwali
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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Space This Diwali

With the festive season in full swing and Diwali around the corner, it is natural for us all to feel like decorating and giving our space a fresh, new look! Sustainable fashion is all about reusing and re purposing pieces that provide maximum value and outlive your expectations in terms of quality and more.

Here are 5 Ways To Decorate Your Space This Diwali and give your space that much needed makeover!

  1. Recreate A Fresh Centerpiece

    It’s easy to want to buy a bunch of flowers and stuff them in a vase, but with flowers and centrepieces taking centre stage this season, it is a great idea to re purpose your bowl like a centre piece and give it a life outiside of your kitchen decor. Use your regular bowl, fix a few tapes, pour some water and use it to arrange flowers, creating a beautiful, rustic centre piece for your coffee table. It’s a piece everyone will love as it adds a spa like calm vibe to the most sought after space in the living room.
  2. Beauty Is In The Details

    We often leave the corners – be it the walls or the side table unattended like a space where no one will look. In fact, this is a great space for you to add all your peronality and flare. If you’re following a decor theme and don’t know how to incorporate personal tidbits, memoirs and more – this is the corner in goes into. Put in some frames, a small planter or small candle stands that will stand out as a decor accent piece.
  3. Entertain Intimately
    Wheel Inspired Wooden Tray
    This year is not for the large gatherings or big Diwali parties but for small intimate gatherings with your special ones. Make your guests and family feel special hosting in style with some of our bestsellers. Be it cheese, chowmein or pasta! Use our platters, our bowls and all our other beautiful range of multipurpose tableware and serveware.
  4. Dessert Storm
    It’s the season for desserts and we have the perfect plates for you to dig them in. Gift your friends and family a simple yet very classy dessert plates or platters that do double duty while letting you host in style. You can also shop cake stand that can actually give a great height to your table while serving multiple dishes.
  5. Plant Parenting Time
    Handmade Set of 2 Jar
    If 2020 was a hobby, it’s got to be spending time at home, with yourself and your plants. Plants and planters are big this season and there’s a corner of the house that can be given a make over, there needs to be a plant you can add and gift to someone you love.

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