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Nurture India with Vocal For Local

We started Nurture India with the dual objective of impacting livelihood and the environment. There are over 360 craft clusters across India 18 major and 1600 minor languages and dialects, 6 major religions, 6 major ethnic groups and over 1 billion people – 50 per cent are in rural areas. Vocal for Local is everything we stand for.

For us, as entrepreneurs, hand-made means more than just creating a product, it is an expression of our community – a community that trusts, co-lives, depends and thrives. It is a reflection of preserving ethnicity, tradition while fulfilling a larger goal of employing local craftsmanship. We started working with wood as our core material, dealing in wooden handicraft items – exporting it to the many different countries. And in that, we know we had to start with functional pieces, so we we further chose the tableware category and manufactured products like wood cutting boards, wooden bowl, wooden box, wooden chopping boards that will last a lifetime. We also thought of wooden gifts that had a story in them – like wooden trays with the artisans unique carving, wooden storage boxes that could hold memories for years to come and wooden plates that could become memoirs of a generations.

vocal for local

Like every other thing, our crafts have evolved over the centuries, getting its current landscape after being shaped for many who came and toiled with it – some for the better and some for worse.

But after being in the wooden handicrafts industry for over three years, we feel lucky to have the unwavering support of our community, our craftspeople and our customers with us as an anchor balancing the two, and the uniqueness in our offering of wooden home decor indianness brings all the glory!
At Nurture India, we believe we have the power to change the narrative, to change consumerism and to change the outlook of craft in that context. We believe in vocal for local. To influence and predict that the future will look green, and feel green – environmentally and economically as we start to shop local. 

There’s no need to reiterate that we are a country that is reliant on our handicrafts and so is the world. With our cultural heritage and authentic geographically indicated crafts. Every region, city, and village boasts of its own handmade traditions and skills—interlaced with technical knowhow and extreme perfection.
In this initiative to be #VocalForLocal, we are committed to working with skilled groups and artisans, of the clusters that we work in, especially in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan – hinterlands of India’s wooden crafts. We will empower, up-skill and re-skill artisans to Nurture India together. 
vocal for local

Let’s take a step towards building a self-reliant India by supporting traditional rich Indian crafts, truly Made in India. As a company that exports indian handicrafts to the world, we are in close contact throughout the value chain. From  buyers, makers, designers and creators – and we will actively push the dialogue of working with sustainable materials to create objects that are good for you, and help the environment without compromising on design or functionality.
The future is for sustainable brands and sustainable products and that’s all the difference it will make. Lets Nurture India together!
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