5 Ways To Live More Sustainably – Immediately!

Sustainable living has been a topic of discussion for many years now, and it took every one a few years to understand what it is, the context of the whole thing and the other finer details of living a sustainable lifestyle. While the biggest problem we tackle together as a human race remains our plastic consumption – no matter how much we dislike it or try to avoid it- it’s become such an integral part of our daily lives that one can’t just hollering about it!

So what is sustainability, really? For me, it’s a willingness to improve the waste you generate as an individual. There are small, simple steps to take to improve with some easy tips to have a sustainable lifestyle starting today!

  1. Reduce Your Plastic Purchase

    This one is really obvious but it truly starts here. The minute you minimise your plastic waste, you know you’re making an impact because small actions can cause big change. As simple taking your bag to buyer groceries and vegetables, reusing old plastic bottles or carrying your own water bottle. All of it have a big impact on the environment.
  2. Reuse What You Purchase

    For so many years, we’ve lived in a world of excess and been proud of it too. Call it peer pressure or just the way we function, we’ve all been through the ‘I have a close full of clothes but nothing to wear’ situation. All that mindless, instant shopping has somewhere definitely lowered the idea of quality, craftsmanship and comfort for us. Be it in filling the closet with fast fashion or the kitchen with fast plastic. It’s time to reduce and reuse!
  3. Shop ASAP: We Mean As Sustainable As Possible!

    This is where we come in – we truly believe that it is possible to live a life sustainably and use materials that don’t just look good but do good for the planet and you too. If you shop sustainable, you automatically shop small – which inturn helps the economy at the lowest to grow and thrive.

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  4. Watch Your Waste

    A good idea to reduce waste is to watch your waste! If you keep a mental note about every time you purchase a plastic bottle, sip with a plastic straw or anything else – you will realise how sustainably or not that you’re living. It is noteworthy and not something everyone thinks of trying but is a sure shot way to make you more responsible.
  5. Swap Your Habits

    It’s a commonly known fact that habits take time to form and won’t be achieved over night. So try this trick: swap you habit consciously and replace it with a more sustainable one. It could be from putting your cotton bags at places so you’re forced to remember – one in the car, one near your shoe rack, one right next to your fridge and other such similar activities that will remind you of living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle! 🙂

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