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Wooden Trays: 5 Ways To Use Them!

  • By Anjali

Let’s just put it out there: There’s no tray like a wooden tray! Loved for its rich grain and texture, wood transcends style and looks good anytime, anywhere. With subtly unique forms and stylish engraved handles, wooden trays act as a classic serving piece and add the rusticity of pure wood to the modern organic table.  

Wood trays are flat, but with raised edges to stop things from sliding off them. They are made in a range of shapes but are commonly found in oval or rectangular forms, sometimes with cutout or attached handles with which to carry them. Wooden trays are primarily used to serve drinks and snacks to guests in a presentable and inviting way. Since socializing is an important aspect, serving trays have been a sign of good mannerism and sophistication. Be it simple or vigorously decorated, a serving tray evokes welcome and cheerfulness in the minds of the guests. This accessory exclusive for family and friends coordinates with the delicious food and drinks and helps achieve a sense of fulfilling and warm hospitality. Handcrafted by talented craftspeople, the wood trays can be used to serve all sorts of assortments ranging from sliced bread, dried fruits and tea cakes to appetizers such as mini tartines or macaroni and cheese. 

Wooden Trays nest together perfectly with your home as a serving piece or even as a casual centerpiece, for a coffee table display or as a natural accent to kitchen decor.

Here are 5 distinct ways you can take advantage of your wooden tray:

  1. Coffee Table Display

Use wooden trays with extra-wide surfaces that makes them easy to move and to keep a coffee table organized. Can be used to serve coffee or hold a stack of books on a coffee table. The wood shows the knots and natural imperfections that make every tray subtly one of a kind and makes your coffee table display unique. Add a touch of earthy tone to your coffee table with Wooden Trays.

  1. Wall Decor

The wooden trays can also be used to frame and highlight your favorite keepsakes, repurpose as wall decor or photo frames. Use very sturdy trays with engraved bottom or with unique finishes and a distressed finish wooden frame. You could fill it with dried flowers, leaves, shells or a personal memento and attach a glass panel on top of it to frame it. Voila! You have your very own DIY Wooden Tray Wall Decor, great for rustic decor or any style! 

  1. Organiser

Transform your wood tray; clean, sleek design combined with modern craftsmanship for a tasteful and versatile organiser. Pair your wooden tray with beautiful accents, for a unique style to store your vanity accessories. Within these beautiful trays is a story spanning thousands of years. Formed by nature and then polished to a smooth finish, the wooden tray is an eye-catching catchall for keys, jewelry and trinkets. 

  1. Decorative Trays

Reminiscent of different styles like Vintage, Modern, Contemporary, Wooden Decorative Trays have a simple, clean design. It makes a stylish backdrop for decorative objects, vases, candles, small planters or a seasonal arrangement. Mix and Match the styles, colours, looks of these wooden trays with complementary decorative pieces to create the right ambience for your home!

  1. Kitchen Decor

An ideal gift for a housewarming party, Wooden trays add a certain charm and elegance to your kitchen. Use wood trays to store frequently used items like spices, tea bags, oils etc or just use it as a decorative accent to display personal mementos, frames, small planters and flowers to keep your kitchen fresh. Wood Trays will fit effortlessly into the style of your home and kitchen. 

Wooden Trays have our hearts stolen! These unique timeless trays are just the treasures a love filled house needs. They are a beautiful example of simplicity and utility.

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