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Small Actions, Big Change: The Ecofriendly Diwali Edit!

To say it simply and personally, for a growing business, this year was one of the toughest times that one had to tide over. It taught us what halting in life truly means, what it means to be still for a moment and have nothing to do and nothing to know about the foreseeable future. With all that’s the year 2020, drawing close to the end of the year and the festive season gives a glimmer of hope.

A hope that this year, our collective consciousness will push us to become more responsible. This year will be a turning point for us as a community to look at celebration in a nuanced way. I hope that like me, when you too spent time at home, sitting on your couch or curled up in your bed… thinking about when this would be over and what’s the first thing you’d do. You made a mental list of things you’d change and as the race began, it feels like they’re forgotten, again.

Let’s not! The pandemic is not be over yet but there’s a certain degree of freedom after the lockdowns getting lifted, so I m guessing you’ll are busier than March. So what’s the one thing you haven’t done but had promised to?

Let’s make that happen this Diwali as a part of being the Nurture India family. Here are a few things we and our team at Nurture India will be practicing to celebrate a more ecofriendly diwali this year.

  1. ” Swapping the mall for sustainable, small brands to help the economy.”- Somya Suresh

    A good place to start is to recognise that India’s small business economy is growing. Becoming an entrepreneur today is easy but sustaining a business isn’t. It takes a lot of time, effort and passion for small businesses to survive and grow; so this year, especially after the pandemic when small businesses have no extra profits to safe guard them for months, I think it’s my responsibility to try and shop from companies with founders who’ve put in their all to create good products. It’s easier said than done, but one must try. My focus is on exploring some ecofriendly diwali clothing brands!
  2. “India’s luxury market is huge and picking up. Going #VocalforLocal and exploring quality affordable luxury is a conscious choice” – Pratima Sinha

    India has been famous for its handicrafts and craftsmanship overseas for decades. From the biggest luxury brands in fashion, beauty, food… you name it… we’re in every Industry supplying quality goods that’s exported and famed worldwide. This year, I want to explore my country’s BEST and pay the price for it, helping everyone in value chain, with the motto of truly nurturing India. We’ve collaborated with a few niche brands and some fabulous artisans that can carve just the most high quality stuff ever, and I guess I’m going to actively promote that idea to around me too.
  3. “Give before I purchase more, and purchase what I need, not just want!” Dheeshna Shetty

    With Covid19, there’s been a huge knowledge outpour on what privilege is for everyone. With lockdowns and the world coming to a halt, the value of being near your kith and kin with roof and food to eat was of prime importance. I think the biggest learning for me is responsible consumption and have my purchasing decisions evolve. Be it when I am shopping for fun or buying something meaningful, I think every product must made from materials that are good to use, consume and to discard.
  4. “Taking out the plastic and taking note of not adding any more.” Kriti Gupta

    It was only after I had to live at home for two months, twenty-four seven, I realised the amount of plastic we have accumulated at home. Everything is converted in plastic! From pin to plane- each and every little thing is made in plastic. Thinking about the repercussions of discarding and the time it is going to take IF it is responsibly disposed was daunting. I wanted to ensure I don’t add any more plastic pollution as a citizen – so I’ve implemented the little things like carrying a cloth shopping bag with me, replacing my plastic brush for a wooden one, consciously reusing pet bottles before discarding them and more! It’s the little things that count. I’m planning to make this diwali a start to celebrating more mindfully, make it an ecofriendly diwali and then make every festival an ecofriendly one!

So that’s what team Nurture India has been upto and will be doing this year! All in all, we feel choosing the environment over everything else has been paramount for our team and we at team Nurture India wish to contribute every aspect of this. While we are already extensively transparent about our operations and sourcing, if you have questions and want to know more, leave us a comment.

Like we mentioned, it’s the little things that matter. Shop ASAP… We mean AS SUSTAINABLE AS POSSIBLE! With our code DIWALI10, lasts till 14th Nov only!

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