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5 Reasons To Switch From Plastic Toys To Wooden Toys!

Wooden toys have been around for longer than you thought. They’re not just another 21st century, millennial fad that’ll stick around for just some time. Infact, wooden toys have been a part of every 80s & 90s kid growing up story! Be it the elaborate dumroos, lakdi ki kaati- kaati pe ghoda, or the traditional lattoo that’ll have you spinning around it! Those were the days for the infamous wooden toys… ones that you could find from the nooks and crannies of your house. The ones that you shopped from the bylanes of your summer vacation stay at ‘naani house’. Wooden toys has been a part of our collective nostalgia and there’s no denying they’re making a comeback!

But this time, the reason seems more like a need of the hour than just popular culture. Plastic has destroyed us and our traditional toy making industries and the craftspeople involved in the business. So while we strongly believe it’s time to GO BACK to the times of lovely wooden toys, here are 5 reasons to convince you to make your first purchase!

  1. Better For The Environment
    Wooden Elephant Figurines teal
    As a parent, this is obvious. But let’s agree, who buys something for their kids thinking about the environment. We wants our children to have the best – whatever it may be. This is where the added benefit of giving your kids wooden toys instead of plastic toys to play with is a such a boon on the environment as well. You contribute significantly in lowering the average carbon footprint because for children, we know no limits are off limits! A responsible purchase like wooden toys help the industry to get back on its feet, provides artisans employment and once you discard them – they can be reused and decomposed!
  2. Best Material For Kids To Play OR Break
    Wooden Cat Counting Set
    Kids aren’t going to play with their toys the way you want them to. They’re exploring their neuro-sensory powers and they want to try everything with it. What’s better than trying to break it, right? Even though plastic doesn’t break that easy, some forms of PVC can break and form sharp edges or corners . This can never happen in wood because of its solid state.
  3. Truly FOOD SAFE!

    When you use wooden toys, they’re coated just with some polishing oil or a food safe coating. And if your wood is painted, they’re given a coat of water based, non toxic, lead and BPA free colours that even if consumed by your baby, will not harm him or her at all! With plastic, no matter what grade it is, this is something we can never be too sure of.
  4. Cost Effective
    Wooden Animal Sharpener
    While each purchase of a wooden toy might cost you a little more than a plastic one, but the longevity of the pieces will certainly outlive that number. They also have a long shelf life be memoir hand me downs to a younger sibling. Lastly, wooden toys can be readily and easily upcyled, painted and renewed around!
  5. Enhances Sensory Motor Development
    Colourful Wooden Mouse Car
    With wood comes nature and with nature comes texture. With texture comes feeling and with that comes the ability to build your child’s sensory motor skills. Every wood has a different shape, size, colour, grain, texture and weight to it – making them all unique identifiers that kids will be able to assess as they interact and play with these toys, something that can’t happen in plastic toys.

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